Addressing Energy Waste In Commercial Buildings

As the energy shortage intensifies, prices will continue to rise and impact the bottom line of organizations large and small. To avoid financial setbacks — while also making strides toward sustainability goals — energy waste must be addressed in commercial buildings. After all, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports these structures waste 30% of the energy they consume on average.

There are two main approaches to improving energy efficiency in a commercial building. The first is taking steps to renovate the structure. From retrofitting the HVAC system to implementing programmable smart technology, there are many ways to optimize energy usage through equipment and structural changes.

The other approach is to change workplace practices. A great place to get started is to perform an energy audit. Doing so helps identify areas of waste while also providing insight for energy use plan development. Part of the plan should also entail company-wide sustainability processes. Organizations are encouraged to instruct employees on modern energy consumption procedures and instill a sustainability-minded culture, with employee incentives for little-to-low waste outcomes. Establishing eco-friendly practices may seem trivial, however, small changes can add up quickly. The key is to achieve high levels of participation.

Commercial Building Energy Usage 101 from Power Kiosk, a provider of energy broker software

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