Preparation strategy for English class 10

You may all wonder what the need is to create a preparation strategy for English since it is considered to be the easiest subject of all. But little do we know that the English language is a work in progress. By preparing a strategy, you understand it fully. The reason you need to work on a preparation strategy for English is that it is just as important as any other subject. Even though it is an easy subject to handle, it doesn’t mean you can approach the exam without any kind of preparation strategy. There can be so many factors that help you ace your exams, but preparation is a must to achieve any level of success. The main focus of this article is on the preparation strategy that will work for First Flight Class 10 English. By the end of this post, students will definitely get an insight into the effective ways of preparation.

Set a timetable :

 The first step in creating a preparation strategy is setting a timetable. Having a timetable will help you have a routine, as it helps you stay focused and achieve great things. You can prepare a handwritten timetable or use excel to create a timetable to help you stay organized throughout the process. It is necessary for students to prepare a timetable, it will help them to keep track of things they have completed and things they need to get back to while studying. The class 10 English first flight consists of 10 chapters, so you can prepare the timings to approach different chapters, seeing your convenience. Just remember only a plan can set you on the right path.

Know your pattern and syllabus:

Being one of the easiest theoretical subjects, English is most often pushed to the end. Students should know that preparing for an English class in the last or just a few days before the exam will never help them achieve the perfect score they have always dreamed of. So preparation is a must when you want to ace your exams. 

Knowing the syllabus and pattern of your subject is a very important strategy in preparing for your finals. By studying your syllabus, you can plan your chapters accordingly to your convenience. With the help of the pattern, you will get insight into the distribution of marks in each chapter and the weightage it carries. And this will assist the students in prioritizing the chapters that need more concentration.

Prefer and refer :

While preparing to attain a perfect score in the finals, you always need reference material other than your textbooks. Reference material offers a lot more questions and provides a detailed explanation of each chapter. The CBSE board encourages the students to use NCERT books to help them understand the concepts well and prepare for their exams. And these NCERT solutions are always prepared by the subject experts for the benefit of the students following the CBSE curriculum. This study material not only gives importance in scoring high ranks but also helps the students gain more knowledge of each chapter. So when it comes to preparing for an exam,  students should always prefer to refer to other prescribed study materials.

Clarify your doubts :

Without paying attention to the doubts that arise when you are studying a particular concept or chapter, will end up causing serious damage in the exams. Students should never hesitate to clear up their doubts with their teachers. You can start prepping for your exam only when you are free of any sort of doubt. Because doubts will only create confusion, which will eventually create fear in the minds of students taking up the exam. So one of the major aspects of preparation strategy is to stay clear of all doubts.

Make use of previous question papers:

One of the best methods which help in preparing for your finals is making use of the available previous question papers. You can prepare a mock test and evaluate yourself, by doing this you will get an idea of how to manage your time. This also gives space for the students to frame their answers and see what works best for them. So always making use of these previous question papers will help you gain insights on how to approach an exam to secure a perfect score.

Section-wise practice:

English class 10 comprises three sections. They are the literature section, the supplementary section and the grammar section. One of the important strategies that can be implemented in preparation for exams is dividing up your workload and working on it separately. This way, students will identify the sections that need more attention and feel monotonous. By preparing a schedule for these sections will help them stay organized and focused. And this also helps the students practice on different sections every day. Practising on a regular basis will help them get well versed in all the chapters.

Summarize :

The students of class 10 are always encouraged to summarize each chapter, which will later be useful in the revision time. Summarizing the gist of each chapter in your note or computer, whichever is convenient for you helps you in memory retention. These revision notes will be useful to the students when they don’t have enough time to read their entire chapter. When you prepare notes for every chapter, you need not worry about forgetting any important theory or concepts. Thus summarizing saves a lot of time and help you stay focused throughout the process of preparing for the exam

Stay healthy:

You can go on and on about the different strategies that help in the preparation for exams.  Even if you work hard and plan all your strategies in a perfect way, but you don’t take care of your health, all the strategies you have prepared will go in vain. So always remember to take breaks between studying, eat healthy food and sleep well so that your brain can implement all the inputs it has been receiving. Don’t worry too much, just believe in yourself.

In conclusion, one needs to work hard following these preparation strategies to ace all your exams. With the best preparation strategies, students will put in their best efforts, work systematically and stand upright with their heads held high.

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