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SIIRD, fully known as The Singapore-Israel Industrial Research and Development works as a co-operating between the Israel Innovation Authority and Enterprise Singapore. They work hand in hand to promote, improve and support projects and undertakings in the Industrial Research Development sector, leading to fruitful commercialization. Along with supporting joint projects, R&D Singapore also extends its funding in case of pilot projects, so that all tests and technology checks are done properly following all customer and market needs.

R&D funding in the application sector

  • Development is designing of the user interface which defines a technology stack, develop a backend and frontend, along with integrated third-party funding and services. The number of clients of the application development services is increasing at a tremendous pace. Thus, the mobile application sector develops services having a lot of business benefits and commercial value.
  • There are a few more benefits of the application development services like Easy Customization, Wearable Device Advantage, Reduction in Time to Market, a lot of Scope for Innovation and ideas, Evolving Platform, Installation of Custom ROMs and services starting from designing to development along with testing and support.

With the help of SIIRD, initiatives of R&D Singapore are identified, opted, properly taken care of, and completed successfully.

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