Social Media Shacks Up Teens

Based on a current survey conducted by Grunwald Associates, “Teens and tweens tend to be heavy users of social networks, visiting sites like frequently and concentrating on internet communication skills(i.e. article marketing and creating relationships online).”

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Social media activities

– 96% of internet teens/tweens report ever getting used any kind of social media technology including IM/chat, texting and email.

– 81% of internet 9-17 year olds say they have visited a social media website in the past 3 several weeks.

– 71% of internet 9-17 year olds visit these websites a minimum of weekly.

– Among online 9-17 year olds – additional time is allocated to social systems

on television.

Article marketing

– 60% produced profiles or personal sites.

– Almost 20% update their sites or profiles at least one time each day.

– 64% of teens upload photos .

– 42% of teens are coming up with figures, avatars, for example Meez, or anime to convey themselves across their personal profiles.

Info on social networks

– Greater than 90% of tweens and teenagers say they’d prefer to learn about entertainment products

– 45% condition they’d prefer to learn about enthusiast or special interest products, for example technology, sports, and automotive

– 40% including greater than two-thirds of women (68%), say they’d prefer to learn about apparel and private maintenance systems.

– 31% are convinced that they would like to learn about more severe choices for example college information or products that will help all of them with school.

– 25% wish to learn about food and beverage products.

– 47% of 9-17 year olds, including over fifty percent (55%) of teens, report participation in a number of advertiser branded activity types within the last month.

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