Importance Of NCERT Books For Class 12 Hindi CBSE Students 

Exam times are the toughest time. At this moment, students often waste their time in selecting the right books to study for their final examination. They become anxious and end up choosing the wrong sometimes the stiff study material for their preparation. When I was in 12th, I was too confused in selecting the right books for my preparation. But then I was advised to use “NCERT” books for my study material. These books helped me a lot and I scored good grades in the 12th board examination.

National Council Of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) is a government organization that has been set up to help and assist both the schools and students. It has the responsibility of publishing NCERT books to help students with their studies. These official textbooks are used by the students of classes 1 to 12 in their school course curriculum. Not only this, people recommend these books for competitive exams also. The reason behind this is that the content in NCERT books is easy, simple, and very understandable. 

Let’s discuss the advantages of studying from NCERT books more deeply. 

  • It helps you to understand complicated concepts of the subjects:

The language of these NCERT books is very articulate so that students do not find any difficulty in understanding the concepts. The language is according to the understanding level of the students and not to the intelligence level.

  • Most of the CBSE board questions are taken from NCERT books:

If you’ll all go through the previous year’s question papers, you’ll find that 80 – 90% of questions are taken from NCERT textbooks. So these are good sources of study material from an examination point of view.

  • The “back exercise” questions at the end of the chapters are frequently asked in boards:

The questions at the end of the chapters are very important. These questions are brainstorming so practicing them can help in the examination to solve question papers easily and more accurately.

  • NCERT books are based on the CBSE curriculum:

NCERT books are recommended by CBSE which are enough to score good marks in the board examination.

  • NCERT books save time during the exam preparation:

As the language in the NCERT books is easy to understand, students can memorize the concept from books in a few hours rather than spending time reading other books to build a base of the topic. The technique may help you to manage your time during preparation. You can use this time on strengthening your weak topics or chapters which require practice. 

  • Practice questions from previous year’s papers followed by studying from NCERT books:

After you have gone through books thoroughly, it’s time to attempt questions from the previous year’s question papers to check your knowledge. After this, you will realize that you can attempt tougher questions if you have clarity of the concepts. 

  • NCERT books are better than any other reference books:

The best study material for every student appearing for the board examination is the NCERT books. You do not need any other reference books for preparation if you are having NCERT books. All the important topics, formulas, and questions from an examination point of view are present in NCERT books. 

The benefits of NCERT books for class 12 Hindi CBSE Students

Many students who choose Hindi as the main subject in class 12 have to study hard to score high marks in class 12 Hindi. They have to prepare well for the board exams to score high marks in class 12 Hindi. NCERT books for class 12 Hindi CBSE students are the best guide to prepare for the final exams. Now, we will discuss the syllabus of Class 12 Hindi along with the benefits of using NCERT books for class 12 Hindi preparations.

Overview of Class 12 Hindi

In class 12, students have to study two books: Hindi Vitan-2 and Hindi Aroh-2.  Students must read all chapters given in the two NCERT books for class 12 Hindi to score high marks in the board exams. In class 12 Hindi Aroh, there are a total of eighteen chapters out of which ten are poems and eight are prose. Students must read all poems and prose given in class 12 Hindi Aroh for proper understanding. Students can also refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi Aroh available on the internet. Students can also download answers to all questions given at the end of each poem and prose on the internet. This can help students in the proper preparation for the exam.

In class 12 Hindi Vitan there are only four chapters. Students must read all chapters of class 12 Hindi Vitan carefully for scoring high marks. They should refer to the NCERT solutions for any chapter to find the right solutions to the questions given at the end of each chapter. Students can download the solutions for each chapter separately on their computers in the PDF file.

Students must try to understand the poems and stories given in class 12 Hindi core. The students will get answers based on the stories and poems given in class 12 Hindi core books for CBSE Students. They should prepare all questions given at the end of every chapter so that students can score high marks in class 12 Hindi board exams.

Students will learn many new lessons from the stories given in class 12 Hindi NCERT books. All chapters are explained in simple language so that students can understand the meaning of the story. The poems given in class 12 Hindi Aroh are written by the prominent poets of India. Students will find the poems interesting and joyful to read.

Now, there is a change in the pattern of class 12 CBSE exams, therefore students must know the new syllabus and pattern of class 12 Hindi board exams before they start preparing. This will help students to make an effective timetable to prepare class 12 Hindi NCERT books. Students have to prepare a timetable in such a way that they can finish the entire syllabus of class 12 Hindi systematically. Students must try to finish the entire syllabus for class 12 Hindi one month before the exam so that they have enough time to revise for the final exams. 

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