The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is the most tenacious entrance examination for admission to Engineering colleges

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is the most tenacious entrance examination for admission to Engineering colleges. The willingness and determination to crack this examination and the level of strategy you adopt for preparation will determine your performance in the exam. Many students who want to pursue a career in the non-medical sciences start preparing for JEE Main as soon as they reach Class 11. Entrance exams such as JEE demand a clear and concrete understanding of the basics and their correct application. 

Classes 11th and 12th provide the basic knowledge of the syllabus that should be completed for JEE Main. Even though the NCERT textbooks for the subjects provide basic knowledge, some concepts demand supplementary knowledge to form comprehensive answers with sufficient explanation. It is important to note that many advanced level concepts, that require supplementary knowledge are asked in the exam to aggravate the difficulty level of the exam. 

If you are an aspirant and want to know the correct strategy to follow and crack this crucial examination, this article has got you covered. You’ll find the most fruitful tips to maintain the most favourable approach to ace this exam. You must adopt a strategy that suits your abilities and capacity. No strategy is going to work for everyone. The aspirants can only put in the necessary hard work and try to cover the syllabus to the depth. A key factor in cracking this examination is consistency. You should have rational thinking and a presence of mind to figure out the methods that work in your favour. Follow the tips mentioned below and adopt them in your study plan for JEE Mains Examination:

  • Critically examine the Syllabus because an exhaustive knowledge of the syllabus will help you in calculating the weightage of each subject and most importantly the topics that have to be covered comprehensively. You will need to allocate specific time for each subject subsequently. It is also evident that some topics are prioritized and questions related to those topics are more or less repetitive in the examination. So, a deeper understanding of the syllabus does become crucial.
  • A subject-wise study plan should be concocted because all three sections of the examination- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are equally important. Each subject will require a different level of understanding and concentration. So it is better to plan a subject-wise strategy to avoid any unnecessary panic. You must prepare for the exam in a calm and composed manner for better understanding.

Study Tips for Physics- Physics is a conceptual subject and is feared by a lot of JEE aspirants due to the difficulty level of the subject. Thus, it becomes important to be well aware of the topics in the syllabus because the topics may appear tough as the questions become more concept based. NCERT textbook must be read thoroughly for a clear-cut understanding of the basics. Go through the JEE Main Sample Papers to classify the type of questions and the topics from whom the questions are formed. Practising and Revising those topics will boost self-confidence and promote additional knowledge. 

Study Tips for Mathematics- The syllabus for Mathematics is generally different from what you learn in Class 11 and 12. It is more extensive and thus becomes complex for many aspirants. Mathematics demands a combination of hard work and smart play. Due to the length of the syllabus, it is crucial to focus on the most scoring topics. Hard work along with a smarter approach to tackle maths, will improve your performance in the subject. Practice previous year question papers and the sample papers to boost your understanding.

Study Tips for Chemistry- It is evident that Chemistry involves a lot of memorization and is generally neglected by many aspirants. But, with the right amount of focus and concentration, it is convenient to score decent marks in this subject. Practice the equations, reactions and solve problems regularly. Direct questions related to these topics may show up in the examination. You cannot afford to lose crucial marks in questions that are too direct and don’t demand any additional application of basics.

  • Attempt the Mock Tests Regularly to test the level of your understanding and the direction of your progress. You must remain honest with yourself because cracking this examination will only benefit you and, if things don’t work out as they ideally should, you will be answerable to no one else but yourself. The mock scores will help you understand your weaker areas that require special attention. Ideally, the idea behind solving a mock test is to determine whether the strategy you are following, is working as per your benefit. But, bad scores in mocks are real eye-openers for a majority of aspirants. You must identify the mistakes and try your level best not to repeat them. You mustn’t feel demotivated from the low scores in mocks but rather focus on improving your level of performance in the actual exam. 
  • Avoid Comparison of the Mock Scores. This is a serious mistake that most of the students commit. Comparing your mock scores with others will not only divert your attention but is also likely to create doubts and hesitation in your mind. You must not compare your scores. If you doubt your abilities, you will be anxious and desperate and ultimately lose your level of confidence. A comparison thus should be evaded at all costs. 

You are most likely to clear the JEE Main if you follow the tips mentioned above. A competitive examination is not just a test of knowledge and concepts. It tests the aspirant’s level of patience, willingness and determination too. Factors that hamper the level of concentration and attention are bound to appear in various instances. Don’t let any such distraction or thought to affect your peace of mind. Overthinking about the result instead of focusing on the preparation is meaningless. You must neglect all the pessimistic thoughts and focus wholeheartedly on increasing the level of dedication towards your preparation. You must stay motivated and determined to achieve your goal. All the Best for your exam!!         

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